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Located in Lebanon, TN, WANT FM 98.9 and WCOR AM 1490 feature a Real Country format, blending a traditional sound of today's hottest new artist, with the greatest country classics. WANT FM 98.9 and WCOR AM 1490 also carry exclusive original programming, offering a variety of opportunities for our sponsors to reach a particular target audience. 
It is the goal of WANT FM98.9 and WCOR AM1490 to serve this community by broadcasting the highest quality programming possible. Broadcasts are to be informative and entertaining, while reflecting a positive attitude and high moral character. 

The WANT/WCOR staff will make every effort to encourage and support each other on the daily basis. Our audience and our staff should be aware of this commitment in each aspect of this business.

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Coleman and Company 
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WANT-WCOR Daily Program schedule
WANT-WCOR Account Executives will work with clients to fulfill their needs, including assisting in the coordination of cross-promotional ideas. Our goal is to give you the most cost effective way to deliver your message to potential customers. Contact one of our Account Executives for details:
Tonya Davis
(615) 484-8411
Susie James
(615) 948-1217
Advertising/Business Office: (615)-449-3699
Fax:(615) 443-4235
Email: info@WANTFM.com
P.O Box 399
Lebanon, TN 37088